47 Years (or so) In The Making.

Once upon a time the album below sort of invented the bootleg.

Great White Wonder – complete with its stamped pig “Trade Mark of Quality” was a collection of songs from Bob Dylan’s “Basement Tapes” period when he was recuperating from a serious motorcycle accident in Woodstock New York. These songs, performed mostly with The Band and a mixed bag of originals and covers of traditional folk and country songs, pretty much invented the genre we now call Americana. Everyone knew the tracks existed, but they were not released at the time when Bob was the be all and end all as he’d moved on to John Wesley Harding, and the bootleggers selection from them allegedly became the biggest selling illegal album of all time.

In 1975 CBS records, reputedly ok at last because Dylan had fixed up the publishing but maybe piqued by his adventures elsewhere at Asylum, went through the tapes and made a legitimate double album but it was a bit of a fraud, incorporating Band songs not cut at the sessions at all, and featuring several – that showed that the songs were in fact as good as everyone said. Which was a fact many people knew because other artists had started covering them willy nilly. But it was only 2 albums worth, even if it did still hit top 10 in the US charts.

More bootlegs of the full sessions circulated of which this 4 CD set was the best

And worth every penny the bootleggers asked for just this one beautiful country-soul-gospel song alone:

But still the tracks remained hard to get and even Bob’s official bootleg series releases – amazing and market leading as they were – didn’t put that right with surprisingly few of the songs turning up there.

Until November 11 2014. When this is coming. And we may be able to hear them all properly! And maybe as many as 30 that no one knew about – even the Dylanologists.

Save your pennies.


TGIF with Kasey Chambers


It’s not everyday of the week that you get Australian music royalty giving you a party playlist BUT today is not just any day of the week…

First up, yep, it’s Friday and thank God for that but more importantly today also marks the release of country singer-songwriter/all round legend Kasey Chambers’ 10th studio album and first solo record in over 4 years Bittersweet and knowing that Kasey would be in party mode we thought the timing was perfect to hit her up for her go to Friday anthems.

We must admit when we asked her for a playlist, we had her pegged for serving us a straight up country affair, and while there are appearances from the Steve Earle’s, Johnny Cash’s and Lucinda Williams’ of the world there are also some surprises and curve balls from the likes of Beyonce, Eminem, Ed Sheeran and local emcee Illy.

Not only is Kasey Chambers one of the most talented and decorated artists doing the rounds (seriously though, she must’ve run out of space in the pool room with her 29 music awards) she is also one of the most genuine and likeable fixtures on the Oz music landscape, not to mention downright funny as shown by yesterday’s appearance on The Project.

Check out the playlist below complete with a little sentence as to why each track made the cut and then get amongst Kasey’s Bittersweet album which is out now and can be grabbed where all good records are sold | streamed

TGIF with Kasey Chambers

Lego House - Ed Sheeran
My whole family love love love this song which makes me smile.

Taneytown - Steve Earle
Great song, great songwriter, grungy guitars…What more could you want??

Cleanin’ Out My Closet - Eminem
Honest. Real. Confronting. Love it.

Joy - Lucinda Williams
One of my all-time faves.

Caleb Meyer - Gillian Welch

Don’t You Think It’s Time - Bob Evans
It feels like I have known this song my whole life. Comforting.

If I Were a Boy - Beyonce
When I feel like pretending I’m a pop star but I still want to feel heartbroken this is the song I listen to.

Tightrope - Illy
Can’t get it out of my head!

Knots - Lisa Hannigan
Just love it.

Hurt - Johnny Cash
OK. So it won’t really pep you up on a Friday but sometimes it’s ok to feel sad.

Katie Cruel - Karen Dalton
Hauntingly beautiful.

Mr. Tambourine Man - Bob Dylan
I really don’t need to explain this do I?

Craft with Kit Starring GROUPLOVE!


We’re pretty excited to announce the launch of our latest collaboration here at Cool Accidents that’s seen us join forces with local Australian designer/craft expert Kitiya Palaskas to create our new filmed DIY series Craft with Kit.

Each episode features a short filmed interview/craft making session with Kit and a very special musical guest. Together they complete a quick, easy and fun craft project whilst chatting about music and general randomness. The finished segments also include step-by-step photos for readers to complete the project at home.

With an aesthetic style that takes cues from childhood favourites like Playschool and Art Attack, and a cheeky sense of humour inspired by Between Two Ferns and Amy Sedaris, Craft with Kit is a playful, tongue-in-cheek homage to the traditional craft shows of our time.

All the craft projects themselves are inspired by the artist’s music, iconography or themes from their latest music videos or their style in general.

Craft with Kit aims to attract:
A. creative kids who like their crafternoons to be accompanied by the perfect musical soundtrack.
B. music lovers who want to see a different side to their fave artists.
C. anyone who loves a good LOL.

Aaaaaanyway, now you know what it’s all about, without further ado may we present the very first episode featuring one of our all-time faves and regular Cool Accidents cohorts GROUPLOVE!

Kit caught up with the guys while they were in town for Splendour In The Grass and decided to play on the title of their latest album Spreading Rumours by creating a ridiculously large chatterbox.

Watch what went down on the day below and then thanks to Kit’s handy step by step tutorial that follows you can make a chatterbox of your own!

Make Your Own Chatterbox!


You will need:

1 x square piece of paper (any colour, pattern or size that your lil’ heart desires)

1 x pen


Step 1 

Fold your paper square in half, open it up, and fold it in half again in the other direction.


Step 2

Open your square up again and fold each corner into the centre.


Step 3

Turn the folded square over. Fold each corner into the centre once more. So much folding!


Step 4

Fold the square in half. There should now be 4 little square panels on the outside of your chatterbox, and triangle panels on the inside.


Step 5

Write a colour of your choice on each of the square panels.


Step 6

On the inside of the chatterbox, write a number of your choice on each of the triangular panels.


Step 7

Open up each triangular panel and write a fortune inside each. You can make them as great or as gruesome as you want. Or, you could try a mix of both to keep things a bit thrilling.


Try your chatterbox out on all your besties and watch them squeal/squirm as their futures are revealed!!

Who Let The Dogs Out?

FYI - When the homie Wiz Khalifa says he came to the club with ALL of his dogs, he ain’t bullsh!tin’

Listen to the latest single You and Your Friends feat. Snoop Dogg & Ty Dolla $ign from his Blacc Hollywood album below.

Under The Bridge with twenty one pilots

During their Quiet Is Violent Australian Tour, US indie pop rockers twenty one pilots did not want to miss the chance to take part in our Under The Bridge series and unfortunately for the best part of the day it was looking like we might have to take a literal rain-check on the performance… 

But the rain ceased and the sunshine forced its way through the clouds just long enough (3 minutes to be precise) for the American duo of Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun to perform a special rendition of their track House of Gold simply accompanied by a box drum and ukulele… Oh, and the stunning backdrop that the harbour of Sydney city provides.

Showing off their organic music skills, which you can witness for yourself below, it became pretty obvious why twenty one pilots fans rave about their killer live performances.

twenty one pilots accompanied their tour with an EXCLUSIVE Quiet Is Violent EP for us lucky Aussies, featuring a mix of live tracks and remixes, plus you can check out their debut album Vessel which features House of Gold as well as their other hit Car Radio.

You can find Vessel where all good records are sold | streamed.

Booty Call?

"Hello, this is Usher speaking… What’s that?

Sorry, I think we’ve got a bum line, I can’t hear sh!t”

No Sleep ‘Til Wednesday


With the BIGSOUND music conference only a week and a half away we’re pretty bloody stoked to announce our involvement in THE (unofficial) party that’s probably going to shut down the conference before it even starts…

STEP, The RIPE, Good Manners., Collarts & Sound Doctrine have put together an all killer no filler lineup of local talent and to celebrate the occasion we’ve whipped up a handy mixtape highlighting who you’ll get to see on the night or what you’ll be devo that you’re missing out on.

And if you’re lucky enough to find yourself in Brisvegas on Sept 9 you can RSVP via Facebook here -

Folky Hip Hop Flips


There are covers??? Onya Boonie  …and then there are covvvers man.

A UK artist going by the name of B.J Smith (pictured above) has come out with his ‘dedication to the greats’ series, with his takes on Mos Def, Outkast and The Pharcyde in this esteemed category. The selection suggests he’s well listened within hip hop, and the execution is simply brilliant.   

Kicking things off at the end of 2012 with a very tasteful and interesting take on Mos Def’s ‘Umi Says’, he’s back with a second offering. The second 7” in this series gives both sides over to Outkast, with his interpretations of Hey Ya and Prototype.

A purveyor of taste like Giles Peterson seems like the kind of guy that might connect with something like this, and his hat tip; “The sound of Sunrises around the world for years to come” should have you scrolling to hear more.

-Nick Young

Another Major Lazer Sure Shot!

via Major Lazer’s Souncloud

Afrobeat is the current sound of African music that’s making noise all over the world. With multiple sub-genres from different countries, sounds range from Afrohouse to Kuduro to Bongo to Coupe De Cale & Azonto. Here’s a mix of some of the biggest current hits running the party scene done by Walshy Fire and Fully Focus. Artists featured on mix hail from Angola, Botswana, Congo, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Liberia, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Sudan, Tanzania, Togo, Uganda & Zambia.

The future looks bright for Africa!

How Best Just Got Better!

Awhile back we raved and enthused wildly about the good folks at Numero and how well they did reissues, and about their Tolkein and strong weed based compilation of 70s obscure US metal “Darkscorch Canticles”. The original already came in a superb double gatefold coloured vinyl edition that just had to be bought.

But now those folks just topped it with this beauty:

The double vinyl and a 7” bonus now comes as an amazing board game, with a special fold-out board, heavy box, two card decks, sliding cards, special multi-sided dice, 16 player spindles, so you can do fantasy wargaming of sorts while listening to gloriously dumb parodies of Black Sabbath by bands with names like Stoned Mace, Wizard & Wrath who never sold anything the first time, and really upset your significant other (if you have one!).

Geeks Men of the world unite, this one’s for you!