Saddle Up with Ed Sheeran

Just when we thought Ed couldn’t get any cooler, he’s appeared with a new tattoo and an acoustic version of Ginuwine’s ‘96’ classic’ Pony which he recorded while in New York City recently.

Ed has spoken of his love of hip hop and R’n’B in the past and the fact that this song was originally released when he was 5 years old, gives testament to his love of the genre.

The song itself is a classic and on the original day of release it was a record day for conception and men wearing trilby’s and unbuttoned white shirts in night clubs!

Both versions are definitely worth checking out but after listening to Ed’s version below, never have the words “If your horny, Let’s do it, Ride it, My Pony, My saddle’s waiting, Come and jump on it” felt so heart felt and with so much soul!

I’m off now to buy a bag of ice to sit on!

-Kye B

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