The Cherry Thing

If your step dad looks like this:

And sounds like this:

and your best friends did this:

and your started out spinning early hip hop here:


And your first big hit was as dope as this:

Why wouldn’t you take some time out to have some kids and come back fronting a crazy Swedish funkrockjazz band that plays your stuff and covers some stuff by cool acts like Suicide and MF Doom and make a little scratch video like this?

Just to make us excited & prove you still look amazing (even with a little doom mask action). Maybe one of the best popstars ever is back and she has decided to avoid pimpin’ herself out and calling herself MDNA and instead settled for some ill communication. I feel this will be in some peoples record of the year list so perhaps you should take a chance and check it out. The Cherry Thing is out now through Fuse and available in Title Space stores around the country.

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