Shouts To All My Choir Boys

Sometimes when I’m bored I try to creatively visualise the biggest crowd I can, losing their collective mind as I cruise across the stage in the highest heights of indie-rock glory. Strangely though, even the deepest depths of my creative visualisation can’t conjure a crowd the size of your boy S to the Krillex. Sorry. I’ll say it right. Skrillex. His name is Skrillex. Watch the video well below to see mass quantities of people going bangarang for a little fellow with half a head of hair, three grammies and about a trillion EP sales. The footage is from his South American escapades and features cameos from other minor electronic pop culture types such as LMFAO and Diplo. Before we get there though, just for kicks, here’s a Dutch Choir performing Bangarang.

One thing that these two videos (in tandem) can tell us without a shadow of a doubt is that Skrillex is one of history’s most transcendent artists. There is no geographical barrier that has been able to stand in the way of the global Skrillex phenomenon. You’re as likely to hear Bangarang played on Nova as you are on Triple J and you’ll hear it played at rock shows, cafes, raves and houseparties. He is everywhere and he is everything. Viva La Skrillex.