TGIF with Priory


Has there ever been a more appropriate duo to program a TGIF party playlist than Portlandian electro/pop/dance/psych popsters Priory?

Well, when your first single (that’s blowing up all over radio as we type this) is called Weekend and is an ode to exactly that, it becomes obvious that they’d know a thing or two about jams that would be perfect to bump on a Friday night.

We’ll set the mood with the aforementioned single and then follow on with the party playlist the boys provided us with, complete with a little tidbit about each track they chose.


L’Trimm – Cars With The Boom
Subs and a 4 track beat equals women at the party.  This or anything off of the House Party Soundtrack with a Cross Colors outfit and you got it covered.

Paperboy – Ditty
Nine Deuce gang related dance pop.  Bangers bring the positivity!

Technotronic – Pump Up The Jam
This is the perfect song to put on repeat at a house party, late in the night, just to see how long it takes people to realize that it’s on repeat.  I swear this can go for hours if the party is raging.  

Blood Orange – You’re Not Good Enough
Because this is the only punk rock thing happening in our world.

Ja Rule – Extasy (Feat. Tah Murdah, Black Child, Jayo Felony)
Feel good hit of the summer when you need a bigger beat.

STRFKR – While I’m Alive
Every drug loves this song.

Gossip – Heavy Cross
Watch the girls team up into girl power groups on this one.

La Roux – Uptight Downtown
Thank you, La Roux for upping the bpm’s on Let’s Dance and then freshening it up with some new hooks.  It was worth it for all of us.

Tag Team – Whoomp! There It Is
I have never not put this one on a party list.  It’s just too easy.

Sir Mix-A-Lot – Square Dance Rap
No one sounds like Kid Sensation and the Beatbox! break rules.

JAY Z – Big Pimpin’ - Live
The Roots are playing their asses off and you can feel it.

Warren G – This D.J.
Party in the drop top on the way to the party.

Montell Jordan – This Is How We Do It
Come on guys this is how we do it.

Snoop Dogg – Gin And Juice
This video is a house party instruction manual

Priory’s Weekend can be snapped up on iTunes now and fingers crossed there’s more to come sooooon… stay tuned!

TGIF with Thelma Plum


Thank God for Fridays eh? and while we’re at it thank God for Thelma Plum. It’s fair to say we’re a little bit in love with the Brisbane Sydney Melbourne based singer-songwriter and her sophisticated, unmistakeably Australian style of indie pop.

Thelma recently released the Monsters EP that features the killer spaghetti western by way of the Bronx Jam, How Much Does Your Love Cost? Which is the best kind of ear worm.

We caught up with Miss Plum this week and asked if she’d hit us with her ‘TGIF and the weekend has landed’ jams, not only did she come through with a killer selection that you can stream below, she also gave us a little quip about each tune and why it made the cut. 

"Chamakay" - Blood Orange
Basically anything Blood Orange will work for a Friday but this is the song if you wanna get your boogie on.

"Too Young" - Phoenix
This song reminds me of bad Jack Black dance moves which happen to be quite similar to mine. 

"Homecoming" - The Teenagers
This is a bit of a naughty one.

"Teenage Crime" - Adrian Lux
My best friend and I used to sing and dance to this so much in our rooms. This was literally all we did all the time. Dance to this. In her room. 

"Roll up Your Sleeves" - Meg Mac
As soon as I get home from a busy day I throw this song on and dance around in my undies in front of the mirror like a big weirdo and remember that everything is gonna be alriiiiiiight. 

"Roses" - Outkast
I know every single lyric to this song, even the rap at the end. Hehe.

"The Suburbs" - Mr Little Jeans
I love Arcade Fire so much, but this version makes me wanna paint my face and dance around in a warehouse with glow sticks around my neck.

"Australia Street" - Sticky Fingers
I used to live just off Australia Street in Newtown and all of my favourite places in Newtown are mentioned in this song which makes me happy and ready to get wild. 

"Crave You" - Flight Facilities

"Ignition (Remix)" - R.Kelly
Put this song on at a party and everyone will want to know you. You da king of the party now.

Thelma Plum’s Monsters EP is out now and can be grabbed where all good records are sold/streamed.

Chela Chela Chela


We do our darnedest to keep things fresh and run a mixed bag of content on this blog, but every now and then we get a case of the broken records about us and keep coming back to certain artists. Portugal. The Man, Charli XCX, Major Lazer, Blood Orange, Oscar Key Sung & FKA Twigs are all names that are constantly on high rotation around these parts but with quality like that can you really blame us?

Another artist that is climbing the leader board for most appearances here on Cool Accidents is Melbourne singer songwriter Chela and her super rad brand of alt-disco-pop business.

She dropped an absolute corker of a single Romanticise on French label Kitsuné Maison last year and they obviously liked what she was putting down as she’s back for round two with her Zero EP set to drop next week (March 10).

In anticipation of the release, Chela flexed her DJ skills and turned in an awesome minimix featuring jam after jam crammed into the space of 6 minutes - Aaliyah, Carly Simon, Ratatat, Friends, Caribou, Blood Orange, Depeche Mode as well as a few other bits of cool shit we didn’t know.

Check it out below and click the little arrow with a line under it to get a free download for your mp3 collection.

Bonus bit - If you’re lucky enough to be taking part in this year’s SXSW party times Chela will be doing her thing at THIS & THIS

Q&A With Client Liaison


We had the rare opportunity to sit down with two of the hardest working men in Melbourne, the bizarro-pop juggernaut that is Client Liaison. The duo have been hard at work on their EP with singles garnering plenty of praise these past few months. As discussed as their music though, have been their videos. If you’ve never heard them before then you need to hit play on at least one of the following two clips before reading on.

Where do you think Christopher Skase is right now?

Haunting the corridors of his pride and joy - The Sheraton Mirage, Port Douglas.


If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be and why?

Devonté Hynes AKA Blood Orange. Aside form the shear brilliance of his production, he maintains a sense of the eclectic without alienating his listening - a hard line to tread.

What, in your opinion, is the best model of fax machine and why?

Anything portable, pie charts don’t pop out of thin air. We roll strapped with a Nessie Courier 53 - top of the range.

Where were you when Australia won the Americas Cup?

Mid-flight on an Ansett service from Canberra to Perth. The captain announced the good news and the cabin erupted into what was a  joyous celebration. Fosters flowed and Waltzing Matilda was sung twice back to back.


Who was the best receptionist you’ve ever had?

Lucy Collins 1984 - 1991. She once sent a 23 page contract via fax whilst eating her lunch and maintaining 8 calls on hold. We hired her an assistant (Stacy Smith) the next day. Stacy is still with us at Client Liaison HQ here in Melbourne.

Can we expect an INXS style tele-drama from you anytime soon? If so, what can we expect to see it and which former home and away actress are you looking at dating?

Yes, yes you can. We start pre production for a full length feature film in the next few months. We can’t give away too much but can reveal that it will be set amongst the Victorian High Country - Mt. Buller.

What was your favourite showbag from Expo ’88 and which was your favourite stall?

We did manage to get round to all 84 pavilions. from memory Japans was a stand out mainly because everyone received a hot towel upon entry.

Favourite spot for a power lunch/business meeting?

Sizzler, hands down.

Which Wall Street collapse was the most significant to you?

The Black Tuesday crash - signalling the beginning of the 10 year Great Depression.

If you could soundtrack any film, what would it be?

The Man from Snowy River.

Draw a picture of your ideal corner office.

Forgive us for not drawing a picture but we couldn’t go past Wolfgang Sievers 1979 interior image of the B.H.A.S. offices, 55 Collins Street here in Melbourne.


You can play your part in helping the guys get some sweet digs as per above by buying Free Of Fear and/or Feeling over on their Bandcamp page

For Cool Accidents

Blood Orange Juce - My New Favourite Flavour


Due to the sheer volume of music that you encounter on any given day, I find it becomes really hard to commit too much time to any one artist, track or album BUT that all went out the window today as soon as I heard London trio Juce. Georgia, Chalin & Cherish may only have one track but I must have listened to it at least 40 times today…

I don’t know much else other than the fact they look like some super rad girl (but not girl) group and this, their debut track Call You Out is already hands down my fave thing from 2014.

Just like their promo pics it’s got a real throwback flavour about it and there’s no denying that there are some serious Dev Hynes/Blood Orange vibes going down, but that definitely ain’t a bad thing.

I for one can’t wait to hear what’s next… But for the time being this will be on HIGH rotation.


F**k Yes.

ParisLondonNewYorkWestNile > Bohemian Grove > 285 Kent > Nothing.

As the Manhattan invasion of Brooklyn’s Williamsburg continues to flourish, another Williamsburg institution is forced to close its doors.

285 Kent has been a grimey den of self-expression for the past 8 years, and a key fixture in the DIY artist & musician movement that eventually turned Williamsburg into a hip, then commercialised suburb, encouraging the movement of Manahattanites to this cool new realm.

Ever since Lou Reed’s assistant encouraged him to expand his horizons in the hunt for a new studio space all the way to Brooklyn (his people eventually canned the idea), the space that has been 285 Kent for the past several years has been occupied by a string of art-movement types. The aforementioned assistant banded together with a bunch of people who started ParisLondonNewYorkWestNile, an experimental artist work/live space & intermedia performance centre, which thrived, then collapsed, before being handed over to the next space entrepreneur.

285 Kent was institutional in the likes of Odd Future, Mykki Blanco, Grimes and more recently Blood Orange finding credibility in their rise to fame, as grungy Brooklynites smoked and graffitied the walls around them during shows.  Most artists site the freedom they felt at a venue like 285 Kent, as opposed to the more strict and polished Manhattan venues; a warehouse space created to inspire, that didn’t pretend to be anything but.

This past week, however, 285 Kent closed its doors after a series of farewell live shows (featuring DIIV, Fucked Up, Dan Deacon & many more) and a series of police raids and health inspections.  To keep 285 Kent going, its owners would have needed to invest at least $100,000 to build proper bathrooms, comply with fire standards… all that boring legal stuff that sadly danced on their toes for just a little too long.  All this for just a short period of time before their lease was due for renewal, not ensuring good enough return on the investment considering the rising cost of realty in Williamsburg.

Considering the history of the warehouse space, surely it is just a matter of time before someone who can afford to legalize the space [read: Manhattan-capitalist-type] will step in to spit-shine everything up a little, and a new style of venue will rise from the ashes, just like a series of other long-term Williamsburg retail spaces forced to close their doors in the ever-gentrifying area.

-Lani Williams

SKATERS Top 10 Albums Of 2013

We’re pretty sure come this time next year a lot of people are going to be including Skaters debut ‘Manhattan’ in their end of year top 10 lists for 2014. We’ve really enjoyed the first tastes off it and have waxed lyrical about them numerous times on this here blog.

We reached out to the guys ahead of their world domination next year and asked them to give us their top 10 records of 2013 and a sentence about each one and they happily obliged with some great choices, here they be below and stay tuned to Cool Accidents for more info on the guys as it comes to hand.

Blood Orange - Cupid Deluxe

Feels like what Prince would be doing if he was 25 in 2013.

Porches - Slow Dance from the Cosmos

Sick Brooklyn band. Favorite new singer. Great arrangements.

Disclosure - Settle

Really pretty dance songs in minor keys.

Danny Brown - Old

Causes way too many smiles and “oh shit!”s. His delivery keeps you on your toes throughout.

Iceage - You’re Nothing

That song Morals is fucking beautiful.

Foxygen - We are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic

The Kinks! They do everything on this record, where will they go from here?

Krill - Lucky Leaves

Shows that two guitars and drums can get it done. Basically no production value, just super talented dudes with basic set ups.

Splashh - Comfort

It’s a Pixies and Deer Hunter baby. what’s not to like?

Pissed Jeans - Honey

Crazy Record, We played with them at a festival in Sweden and it was the most energetic entertaining show we saw all year.

Guerilla Toss - Gay Disco

Just heard this today, so maybe it’s temporary, maybe I’m still trying to wrap my head around it, but it’s fucking cool!

Time To Get S’chooled.

We are more than a little bit excited about the arrival of the new Blood Orange tunes..

They’re both taken from the new Blood Orange record “Cupid Deluxe” (not sure what they do if there’s a deluxe edition by the way)

Blood Orange are the working group for Devonte Hynes (ex Lightspeed Champion) to purvey his beautifully arty indie dream R&B and I think we all slept a bit on their first album and missed how influential it might be until Solange Knowles revealed Dev’s genius when “Losing You” became the hipsters pop choice of 2012.

And then we went back to S’Cooled and realised it was great too.

So lets not miss the new one, eh?

-Wax Volcanic for Cool Accidents