Introducing Deb ‘Spoons’ Perry

Meet Deb, she’s a sixty-something year old mother of three and grandmother of two from Bridgetown, Western Australia who also happens to be one hell of a spoons player and a handy percussionist to boot.

And if you don’t believe me check out what the Gold Coast Bulletin Spoon & Harmonica 2003 World Titles reviewer had to say - “She played with such dexterity the crowd were on their feet roaring for more.”

For more Deb ‘Spoons’ Perry action stay tuned to and say hi to Deb over at

Life Is a Highway

To celebrate the release of The Black Keys new album El Camino the Cool Accidents crew recently embarked on an epic road trip from Cairns all the way to Melbourne on a mission in our very own El Kia-mino to spread the word about TBK.

You can find the daily journal entries from the trip HERE and check the twitter feed from the trek HERE

Here’s a video of images we put together after the first few days on the road -

The Black Keys El Camino is out now! Cop it on iTunes, buy it from your local record store or online at JB HiFi just do whatever you need to as it’s a road tested instant classic!

El CaMini

I mean, seriously, someone needs to tell The Black Keys just to settle right on down. As if they weren’t already the undisputed kings of cool by virtue of their unparalleled blues rock dominance but not content with that, they’ve decided that they also want run the coolest compaigns and promotions the world has ever seen around their new album El Camino.

Yeah, we were all “whooooaaaaa” when we saw the video clip for first single ‘Lonely Boy’, which featured the gloriously genuine gyrations of Derrick Tuggle. And even when they announced that they were sending an El Camino down the East Coast of Australia to visit landmarks, give away posters and merch and
boombox the album inside various indie record stores we thought to ourself “It’s the Black Keys, they’ve always been awesome” but this is the cherry on top. It’s so insignificant but as a long-time Black Keys die-hard, I MUST HAVE IT.

It’s a one sixtieth size replica of the real El Camino that we saw in the teaser ad and on the cover of the album itself. Folks, it doesn’t end there though, there’s also a “reverse groove 12” (a vinyl where the needles goes from the centre to the outside) single of Lonely Boy” which is effectively prompting me to begin the record collection that I’ve long been threatening.

If you want to bid on it (against me) then follow the link here. All proceeds go to the Red Cross. El Camino (the album, not the automobile) is out this Friday. Keen.

The Black Keys - Lonely Boy

Hell Yes! The first taste off the new Black Keys album El Camino which will be hitting stores in perfect time for Christmas. If the rest of the album is half as good as this, we’re in for a treat.

Hurry up December!

and Grandma if you’re reading this, hows about holding off on the socks and undies this year and putting a copy of this in my stocking instead? Thanks.

Grab The Keys And Go!

FOR SALE - 1994 EL CAMINO: 273,000 mi. 200 cubic-in. 3.3L 95hp V6 engine, 3-speed turbo autom shift, sapphire stylus, some ticks/pops, light surface noise. Working AM/FM radio, tan metalflake/woodie panels, some rust. Black vinyl seats. Priced to sell – Grab the Keys and go! Contact Pat or Dan at (330) 510-1206

I’m not sure what just happened but i think The Black Keys have a new record coming in December!