Jackson Firebird Rock Out With Celebrity Cocks Out

Jackson Firebird. You might recognise the name for a number of reasons. Most recently you may have heard mention of the general fiasco around Lady Gaga’s Melbourne after party. Her people approached Melbourne’s Cherry Bar and offered to have Lady Gaga come visit that evening. It was an offer that Cherry Bar turned down however, because they were already booked with the two-piece rock monster that is Jackson Firebird. So, without exaggeration, you could probably say they’re bigger than Gaga. It’s just science. Jokes aside though, it’s good to see that very occasionally integrity/talent will win out over money.

You might have seen their music video for ‘Cock Rockin’ which has been doing the rounds on comedy websites and facebook alike. If not, snoop it out below. and check out all the AMAZING cameos from people like ZZ Cock, One Dickrection, Three Dixty, Skrilldix, and heaps more!

We had the opportunity to have a quick chat with JF’s Brendan Harvey. He told us one story in particular that we rather liked. It’s the story of the worst show Jackson Firebird have ever played.

The worst gig l ever played would be the Swan Hotel Basement in Fremantle, WA. The performance itself went down alright, with only a few glitch’s on stage but probably the whole trip for this show was the downfall for me. We’d only been playing outside of our home town of Mildura for around a year and had travelled all over before we got a gig lined up in Fremantle by our old management which we no longer work with (and it’s not for booking this show!). The deal was, we’d fly over to WA, play this one show in a killer venue and fly back. It all sounded good to us at the time. Yep, a long way to go for a show, but hey- that’s rock n roll, right?

Living in Mildura, our nearest Major airport is in Adelaide which is about 400km from Mildura. We set the alarms for 3.30am so we could drive the 400km to make the plane to Perth at 8.30 which we managed to do and off we go. We arrive in WA to some great weather and get picked up by a guy from the support act and head to the venue. Whilst we are on our way to the Swan, he asks us why we booked the Swan Hotel to play. “No-one ever goes there”, he says. So we think, “shit… this could get interesting”. We load in, sound check and continue sitting around having a couple of beers. Upstairs, the pub starts to fill up quite nicely and we start thinking that this is looking good. The support act fires up to two bar staff, their girlfriends and our long-travelled selves. No one is heading down and it’s not looking promising so l walk up to the bar staff and ask if we get a rider for the night. “Of course you do!”, he says (which we’re stoked about because we’ve been putting down $9.80 for every pint) but then he follows that up by saying “but only after 40 payers!”


We don’t even know if we’ll get any payers but in the end we ended up with a grand total of four paying patrons and two from our guest list.

It was a very quiet night in the Swan Basement that night and the fact that we had driven over 800km and flew 6000km to purchase over priced beer was hurting the soul! But hey, ya live and learn and in rock’n’roll that’s just the nature of the beast. Ya win some, ya loose some. l’m sure it won’t be the only stupid decision we make but man! what a trip!

Cool Accidents Sampler - 2012

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The Cool Accidents 2012 Sampler features tracks from your new favourite artists that you just didn’t know about yet!

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