One For The Cities with Illy

On Illy’s latest single One For The City, the Australian emcee waxes lyrical and tips his flat brim snapback to the big smoke while Rudimental vocalist Thomas Jules hits you with an absolute earworm of a hook.

We’re guessing the inspiration behind the track was provided by Illy’s hometown and the most liveable city in the world, Melbourne. When it came time to shoot a video for the track however, Illy took things up a notch, traveled to the birthplace of hip hop and literally flipped NYC on its head for this slice of Cinematic (SWWDT) magic.

It ain’t a Friday on Cool Accidents without a playlist, so we hit up Illy Al and asked him to sort us out with some tunes. Not only did he come through, he went to the trouble of putting together a special ‘One For The Cities’ themed selection of other raps and tracks that take their cues from heavily populated areas the world over.

Featuring tracks from Jay Z, N.W.A, M83, Kendrick Lamar, Nas, 2Pac, The Hoods and even a little Bon Iver, The Amity Affliction & Lynyrd Skynyrd! You can stream it below and if you haven’t already checked for Illy’s hit filled Cinematic you can do so now where all good records are sold | streamed.

Y’all Know The Name.

Now, treat your ears to an incredible history lesson as DJ Jaguar Skills celebrates Def Jam’s 30th anniversary by expertly cramming 3 decades into a 30 minute mix. Whoa.

And while we’re on the topic of one of the most important and influential record labels of all-time, Noisey have put together a 4 part series (of which 2 have been released) highlighting the masterminds behind the whole affair - Rick Rubin & Russell Simmons that is ESSENTIAL viewing.

TGIF with Priory


Has there ever been a more appropriate duo to program a TGIF party playlist than Portlandian electro/pop/dance/psych popsters Priory?

Well, when your first single (that’s blowing up all over radio as we type this) is called Weekend and is an ode to exactly that, it becomes obvious that they’d know a thing or two about jams that would be perfect to bump on a Friday night.

We’ll set the mood with the aforementioned single and then follow on with the party playlist the boys provided us with, complete with a little tidbit about each track they chose.


L’Trimm – Cars With The Boom
Subs and a 4 track beat equals women at the party.  This or anything off of the House Party Soundtrack with a Cross Colors outfit and you got it covered.

Paperboy – Ditty
Nine Deuce gang related dance pop.  Bangers bring the positivity!

Technotronic – Pump Up The Jam
This is the perfect song to put on repeat at a house party, late in the night, just to see how long it takes people to realize that it’s on repeat.  I swear this can go for hours if the party is raging.  

Blood Orange – You’re Not Good Enough
Because this is the only punk rock thing happening in our world.

Ja Rule – Extasy (Feat. Tah Murdah, Black Child, Jayo Felony)
Feel good hit of the summer when you need a bigger beat.

STRFKR – While I’m Alive
Every drug loves this song.

Gossip – Heavy Cross
Watch the girls team up into girl power groups on this one.

La Roux – Uptight Downtown
Thank you, La Roux for upping the bpm’s on Let’s Dance and then freshening it up with some new hooks.  It was worth it for all of us.

Tag Team – Whoomp! There It Is
I have never not put this one on a party list.  It’s just too easy.

Sir Mix-A-Lot – Square Dance Rap
No one sounds like Kid Sensation and the Beatbox! break rules.

JAY Z – Big Pimpin’ - Live
The Roots are playing their asses off and you can feel it.

Warren G – This D.J.
Party in the drop top on the way to the party.

Montell Jordan – This Is How We Do It
Come on guys this is how we do it.

Snoop Dogg – Gin And Juice
This video is a house party instruction manual

Priory’s Weekend can be snapped up on iTunes now and fingers crossed there’s more to come sooooon… stay tuned!

Double Dragon

While Little Dragon were in town for their blink and you’ll miss it two stop sold out tour they managed to sneak in to the triple j studios to take on Kelis’ Millionaire as part of the Like a Version series… and just when you thought you couldn’t crush any harder on Yukimi she goes and does the André 3000 rap… Phwoar!

And just ICYMI… Checkout the JAM packed TGIF playlist the guys whipped up for us a little while back featuring Millionaire in its original form as well as tracks by Beyonce & Jay Z, Chaka Khan, R.Kelly, Miguel, Janet Jackson and more.

Little Dragon’s ridiculously great record Nabuma Rubberband is available now where all ridiculously great records are sold | streamed
Rick Rubin Chats To Zane Lowe

The list of people that Rick Rubin has worked with is almost as long as his beard…

Seriously tho, from JAY Z to Neil Diamond, from Slipknot to Shakira, from the Beastie Boys to Ed Sheeran you’d be hard pressed to find a genre he hasn’t had a crack at producing.

This hour long Zane Lowe interview for BBC Radio 1 below is essential/inspiring viewing and a rare insight into one of THE most important musical figures of the past 30 odd years.


Classic Albums Reimagined With Emoji


Well this is cool, musician Wesley Stace has recreated a bunch of classic album covers from the likes of The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Joy Division, Nirvana, Bruce Springsteen, The Rolling Stones, Roxy Music, Jay Z & The Velvet Underground using emoji…

Head on over to Wes’ twitter account for the full series.

Diggin’ In The Crates with Royal Blood

UK rockers and one of THE hottest bands in the world right now Royal Blood rocked ‘n’ rolled their way through town recently, playing a couple of intimate shows and giving a handful of lucky Australians a taste of what all the fuss is about.

While they were here we were lucky enough to take them for a little spot of record shopping at Round & Round Records in Melbourne, a super cool diggin’ spot that used to be a Chinese restaurant and still retains a lot of the original decor, although you’re more likely to find ESG than MSG these days.

After having a dig through the crates Mike & Ben chose a couple of records each that have have influenced them as artists and waxed lyrical about each one.

The records in order of appearance are -

Queens Of The Stone Age - Self Titled
Jay-Z - The Black Album
Jermaine Jackson - Self Titled
Led Zeppelin - III
The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

Get your ears around Royal Blood’s debut EP Out Of The Black to hear what the above records helped shape… Physically or Digitally or better yet head on in to your local record store and buy it over the counter.  

Why Can’t We Be Friends?

What’s up with all these music biz beefs at the moment?!

Justin Bieber v The Black Keys v Jack White

Drake v JAY Z v Solange

Solange + Chromeo = SolangeO?

is kickin’ ass and taking names all over the place! First up her bro in law JAY Z and now with her feature on the new Chromeo album White Women which on a side note is shooting up our albums of 2014 list quicker than a Solange right hook.

Also, can we just take some timeout to appreciate THOSE PANTS.