You may know: Kaiser - is the German title meaning “Emperor”

You Probably know: Kaiser Chiefs - are an indie rock band from Leeds who formed in 1996. It was primarily inspired by New Wave and punk rock music of the late 1970s and 1980s and enjoyed international success with over three million copies sold which is nice!

But I doubt you know: Kaizers Orchestra, so say hello to them below… or else.

Kaizers Orchestra is a Norwegian alternative rock group formed on January 1, 2000 Kaizers and are notable for 2 things

1) Being among the first non-black metal Norwegian bands or artists singing in their native language to become popular beyond Scandinavia!…which is cool!

2) They released ‘only’ the sheet music for their single “Hjerteknuser”, so fans had to play it or come up with their own versions if they wanted to hear it, before the single and its accompanying music video were released later that month. Some fans recorded their own versions, uploaded them to the web, and some were so good, that they actually made it to radio!!!

So Dave from Avalanche City said ‘that’s a genius idea that we could put a twist on for our new single Sunset’ or in Norway ‘det er et geni idé at vi kunne sette en vri på for Avalanche byens nye singel solnedgang’!!………..and so they did!

So now Avalanche City are looking for budding musicians – from non-Black metal to pure jet black metal, brass bands to boy bands, acoustic-quintets to choirs - to create their own version of the groups new single ‘Sunset’… with the chance to win a $1000 music voucher + A&R exposure as a sweet little trade-off.

Every Sunset is unique (yes you did just read that cheesy pun) and this competition is a wonderful opportunity for you (or your musically-inclined mates, friends of friends or random buskers) to show what you can do. You’ll be provided with the lyrics and sheet music and the rest is up to you to have some fun with.

It’s simple: just record/video your version, upload it to YouTube (including “Sing Your Own Sunset’ in the title) – then submit it to Avalanche City’s Facebook Page before the closing date of the 9th of July! The winner will be judged by Avalanche City and some record company peeps.

For more info, including an instruction video, downloadable sheet music and the original version of the track, check out this LINK, spread the word, do a version! And get involved in this amazing and unique (except in Norway) competition!