Ones To Watch - Grace Mitchell

What is going on with all these 16 year old overachievers?

Meet Grace Mitchell, the latest musical wunderkind from Portland that’s about to cause a serious fuss.

At this point in time there are only two tunes on her Soundcloud (and she also contributed a cover of Hall & Oates’ Maneater to The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty soundtrack) but if they’re anything to go by she better put on some shades as the future is looking bright.

If you’re partial to a little Lorde, Lana Del Ray or rising local star East action, you’ll be all about Grace.

Jimmy Scott - The Best, But Least Well Known Singer In America…


There was a time when you couldn’t get the record below with its super cool Mad Men sleeve. Some sort of complexity between the record labels for Jimmy Scott (the singer) and Ray Charles (who “musically supervised” the record for his label Tangerine).


Fortunately the dispute was resolved so nowadays we can readily hear one of the greatest of all jazz vocal albums.

And that means we can easily hear tunes like Why Try To Change Me Now below and marvel at Scott’s perfectly unique vocal stylings. 10 exquisitely formed jewels.

Throughout his career Scott was a bit of a secret and his popularity ebbed and flowed. A second flowering followed the inclusion of his track Sycamore Trees in the fashionable David Lynch TV show Twin Peaks (video source for all imagery on Lana Del Rey). It had a rumbling darkness that felt perfect for the then oh so tastemaker show. But I liked his take on Prince slightly more but it is only slightly


If you are browsing for something to buy I can think of less rewarding things to try. And as you listen wish him well wherever he passed to.


The (Jack) Pot Calling The Kettle Black (Keys)


If you’ve been following the music gossip columns of late, you’ll be aware that old mate Jack White has called out The Black Keys for copying him. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone he called them the musical equivalent of kids at school who dress like everyone else because they don’t know how to be original by themselves and also said “I’ll hear TV commercials where the music’s ripping off sounds of mine, to the point I think it’s me,” he said “Half the time, it’s The Black Keys.”

He also had a dig at Adele & Lana Del Ray, saying they were biting the late Amy Winehouse’s style and even fellow White Striper Meg White copped some harsh words.

After the interview came out, Jack issued a lengthy apology and explanation via an open letter on his website where he generated extra press around his new record apologised to everyone he’d had a dig at. “God bless the Black Keys, Danger Mouse, Adele, Meg White, and anyone else I’ve spoken about, and thank you for understanding. Good fortune to all of them, and I’m sorry for my statements hurting anyone.”

Jack White has without a doubt been one of the most talented and creative musical minds doing the rounds over the past decade and a half but we decided to dig around and find 5 lots of people who could call out Jack himself for a spot of plagiarism…

1. Greg Cartwright & Jon Spencer

It sounds like Jack heard this first:

or was it this?

And is it just us or does the Raconteurs classic Broken Boy Soldiers sound a lot like Led Zeppelin?

2. “Bad Tempered” Billy Childish


Last word to Billy …. “P.S. I always stay well within the music industries recommended guidelines of never plagiarising more than 50% of my material. But no matter who my influences may be, I would never stoop so low as to rip off Led Zeppelin”

3. Edward Scissorhands


4. Blind Willie Mctell, all other Blind jazzmen, Son House, and well all other Bluesmen really


Now “reworked” for 3 Women from Lazaretto (due any day)

Piet Mondrian and all the De Stijl Art Movement


So there you have it. Also, we already knew the Keys like a cunning steal. After all we put together a whole album of their naughtiness here:


And loved how it sounded. And that was even before they bit the Mar-Keys “The Great Memphis Sound” for their “Turn Blue” sleeve art.

But really Jack? Don’t you protest too much? Popular music is full of “rhymin’ and stealin’” (as another group of arch thieves once put it) and all the better for it. But to claim they rip YOUR style? Really? We don’t think it makes it any better just because you tell everyone who you stole from!! It’s still stealing!  The collision of influences and creation is just A COOL ACCIDENT!

Let’s leave it with Jack’s own words from I Want To Be the Boy To Warm Your Mother’s Heart:

"It feels like everything I say is a lie."

Boo To New La Roux


Just because we loved this tune below from the day Kitsuné started pimping it as it was something fresh and exciting -

And because we utterly adored the way Skream revisited it here -

Doesn’t mean that we love this straight away, which seems much less fun and much more Lana Del Ray.

But we are trying to listen again and again as it is slowly growing on us.

Fingers crossed the album will have more to offer us but if nothing else we are digging the David Bowie “Young Americans” type visuals. Which show the good taste is still there.

Lana & Dan


Lana Del Ray is back with some newness that we’re guessing (based on the image above and the audio below) was produced by one of the busiest men in showbiz Mr. Dan Auerbach.

If West Coast is anything to go by, it looks like we’ve got another release to get excited about alongside Dan’s other project you might have heard of - The Black Keys and their forthcoming Turn Blue record.


We finish off the week and The 2011 Cool List by highlighting the artists that are set to blow the f#$k up in 2012.

These 18 artists (will spread across 2 posts) are the next crop that were the most voted for by our Cool Accidents crew and all the industry peeps who’s opinion we asked for.

Based on this there’s going to plenty of good things happening both locally and internationally this year.

Who have we missed? Let us know below!


Next week we will be rolling out the inaugural Cool Accidents ‘Cool List’ where we asked everyone here at Cool Accidents HQ to list their faves from 2011 and who they predict to be the next big things in 2012.

On top of our own opinions we also approached some of our fave people we consider to be pretty darn cool from in and around the Australian music industry to help us come up with a more comprehensive list.

Be sure to check back Monday for the first installment!