Lana & Dan


Lana Del Ray is back with some newness that we’re guessing (based on the image above and the audio below) was produced by one of the busiest men in showbiz Mr. Dan Auerbach.

If West Coast is anything to go by, it looks like we’ve got another release to get excited about alongside Dan’s other project you might have heard of - The Black Keys and their forthcoming Turn Blue record.


We finish off the week and The 2011 Cool List by highlighting the artists that are set to blow the f#$k up in 2012.

These 18 artists (will spread across 2 posts) are the next crop that were the most voted for by our Cool Accidents crew and all the industry peeps who’s opinion we asked for.

Based on this there’s going to plenty of good things happening both locally and internationally this year.

Who have we missed? Let us know below!


Next week we will be rolling out the inaugural Cool Accidents ‘Cool List’ where we asked everyone here at Cool Accidents HQ to list their faves from 2011 and who they predict to be the next big things in 2012.

On top of our own opinions we also approached some of our fave people we consider to be pretty darn cool from in and around the Australian music industry to help us come up with a more comprehensive list.

Be sure to check back Monday for the first installment!