Grunge Goes 8-Bit!


Well this is cool… Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden and more of your favourite grunge acts all get given the 90s Nintendo treatment thanks to the video below by Filthy Frackers.

Parents Know Best.

I was a happy kid, always laughing, always causing mischief and always playing music. Like most kids I was particularly good at doing what I wanted and disregarding anything that the adults would tell me, for my simple childhood mind had the crazy notion that anything old couldn’t possibly be cool - that went for my parents and music.

Blissfully I went through my early years listening to video hits, making my own mixed tapes and totally ignoring my parent’s record collection.

Years passed and at the age of 10 I was shocked as my parents let me buy my first album from a second hand record store.

That album was Guns N Roses Appetite For Destruction!

I was even more shocked when ‘the olds’ let me put it in the tape deck of the trusty family Torana for the drive home. The whole family rocked out to Slash’s sweet licks and Axl’s whaling vocals. There were swear words! LOTS OF SWEAR WORDS! My parents were not only letting me sing swear words, but they had encouraged the purchase. Maybe I’d been wrong about the folks after all.

From there I managed to devour the entire Guns N Roses catalogue, before I received my first CD player for Xmas. But what good is a CD player without a CD? To which my parents then handed over my very own copy of Pearl Jam Ten.

OK, I can hear you thinking, this kid is nuts, his parents are the coolest people alive, to which you would be correct, but I still was none the wiser.

So there I was, smashing up Guns N Roses, Pearl Jam, Nirvana and Soundgarden like it was nobody’s business. If it didn’t have a guitar I wasn’t interested. I’d fight for stereo airplay time with my parents and brother until at the age of 18 I left our tiny country home town and moved interstate to chase the bright lights of Sydney.

One of my favourite things to do was hit up the markets and eye off the wares of many a hippy and creative crafty folk. Among the fisherman pants, tie dyed t-shirts, knock off trucker caps and leather necklaces there was also a load of people selling old records. I noticed a few familiar album covers I’d eyed in my early years back in the lounge room of that small country home. Feeling the sting of homesickness inside me, I purchased a record for $1. Over the next few months I continued to find myself at the markets flicking through the records and picking out old familiar album covers and purchase them thinking of my parents as I did. 

Then came the next dilemma, what was I to do with these 20 or so records I’d picked up, I didn’t have anywhere to play them. I got my arse onto Ebay and payed way too much for an old beat up HMV record player (which I ended up having to fix myself), but once I finally got that old piece of crap working came the Coolest Accident of all…

My Parents had actually been listening to some of the most amazing music the whole time! (Check the pics above)

Bret W