Gambino Is Back!

My favourite, your favourite, actually everyone’s favourite comedian/actor/rapper Childish Gambino is back! After months of no activity on social media, and going as far as deleting all previous tweets and just uploading a new twitter cover photo, which looks like people working in a studio – this action left fans wondering what is he up to. Then on July 23 Donald simply posted a link to his website which held a link to Soundcloud to his new track ‘Centipede’. The website crashed for a number of hours, with him tweeting – ‘it crashed. give it a minute’ this does show how his fans are so close to the button with anything Gambino, there was no other announcements, just that, these fans are loyal. The track really shows how talented he is, with an intro of just his vocals and no music, then dropping into a tradition Gambino fat beat and then to the famous Gambino spit.

No other news has followed about an album, but this track does follow a number of features that Gambino has been on including Flux Pavilions, ‘Do or Die’ and the very recent Woz remix of Rudimental’s smash hit ‘Feel The Love’. This remix is amazing; it’s truly Christmas in July, with the traditional Gambino rap over these old SKOOL, heavy electronic hip hop beats, it makes me feel like getting in some big pants, getting my hair did and pumping my fist high in the air. Featured below.

The only other news that have been surfacing about Gambino is that there is an end to his other alter ego, Troy Barnes, his very funny character on hit cult TV show Community. According to Vulture, “he wants to devote more time to his Childish Gambino-fueled music career — will only appear in five of the show’s upcoming 13 episodes.” Although this does upset me, and probably a lot of other fans, the fact that he is concentrating on his music makes the news easier and bearable to digest.

Gambino was recently in Australia as part of the Big Day Out where we blew away crowds at his intimate sideshows and Big Day Out performances. He was electric with his full band in present, which featured multi-instrumentalist who played guitar, drums and violins to make all songs off Camp sound even better than the record, which most thought impossible, until seeing him live.

He is now a force to reckon with in the rap game, with his follow up to Camp being highly anticipated and the fans, including me, are waiting day to day for an update! Gambeezy is back!

Annoyingly we’re unable to embed the tunes here on the blog but you can listen to Centipede HERE and then get your ears around the ridiculously good Rudimental flip HERE

-Trent R

Troy and Tina in the Moooooorning

Actor turned rapper is a phrase that rarely bodes well but most will agree that Troy Barnes’- sorry, Donald Glover’s leap from hilarious American comedy Community to hip-hop moniker Childish Gambino has been relatively seamless. His debut record Camp has garnered a whole bunch of attention and this week he dropped a follow up mixtape called Royalty. The most notable point of sensation is the inclusion of comedy royalty Tina Fey on a track titled ‘Real Estate’. It’s about as funny as you’d expect from Tina Fey which is to say crazy funny. 

You can download the whole thing here and catch Tina Fey and co getting fresh below. Fey’s verse kicks in around 4:55. And this is probably nothing but it looks as if he’s also got some lesser known artists involved too. None of these rings any bells for me but maybe you know them: RZA, Ghostface Killah and Beck.