With Friends Like These…

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You’re welcome.

Dear Facebook Friends,

If you’re reading this you’re about to be culled!

That’s right, I’m going through my list of friends and I’m swinging the digital friendship axe like a crazy man, taking heads quicker than a social media King Henry VIII.

I’d like to say that it’s not you, it’s me… but lets be honest, it really is you! You’ve either not made enough effort to ‘like’ my awesome photos of kittens, or leave comments on my constant updates about TV shows I’m either currently watching or feel you should watch.

Yes I know we had great times attending the same high school (even though we never talked), as previous co-workers, friends of friends, or as a potential hot date a few years back that never eventuated, but I feel it’s time we went our separate ways.

Hell, if I saw you in the street it’s fair to say we wouldn’t stop to say hi and shoot the shit - so why should I give you access to my in depth analysis on the strengths and weaknesses of the Game Of Thrones plot, or give you the viewing pleasure of literally hundreds of drunk and questionable photos that have been uploaded over the years?

So it’s with this note I bid you farewell from my social media inner circle. No more LOLs, no more invites to shit parties and events I have no interest in.

They say that if you love something you should set it free. This isn’t the case! Sure If I see you in real life I’ll blame it on a Facebook virus of some sort, you’ll smile and say you had the same thing happen a while back… and we’ll both know we’re lying. 

Maybe one day you’ll be greeted back into my cyber heart with open arms. But I doubt it!

Until then, there’s always Instagram and Twitter

Yours Sincerely,

Former Facebook Friend

-Bret W