The Medics - Whether it’s on stage or on record, The Medics are truly something to behold. An exhilarating blur of passion and movement, the band bring an all-too-rare sense of urgency to their music that’s underpinned their emergence as one of the country’s most genuinely exciting new bands. Since their earliest days in the postcard paradise of Cairns, the band has followed its own path, defying convention and reveling in the unpredictable. Their debut This Boat We Call Love EP of 2010 is a slice of indie-rock magic that launched them into the spotlight – and now with the release of their debut full length album ‘FOUNDATIONS’ we know they are here to stay.

OK people, I’m going to be straight up with you on this. Yeah, I’m part of the team that work very closely with this band and might have had something to do with the press release above but I just want to say working in the music industry doesn’t mean you always get the pleasure of dealing with bands that you love and believe in. Since Starting my career in music a few years, I can count on one hand the amount of artists I’ve truly been left speechless by. You know what though… I can safely say that The Medics are one of them.

This band really mean something, and you can hear the warmth and the feeling on ‘FOUNDATIONS’ - but it’s only when you see them play live that you become truly entwined in their dazzling web. Each band member is not only incredibly talented, but they also complement each other in a truly magical way. The passion and energy that explodes from the stage stuns you, and sends you on a rollercoaster of emotions. They somehow manage to make time stop when performing their first single ‘Beggars’, then watching them tear apart the room playing ‘Joseph’ is something which can hardly be described by words.

Kahl Wallace (vocals & guitar) had a chat to Cool Accidents about the making of their video for ‘Griffin’:

Songs can be so personal - making the Griffin video was a chance for us to tell a broader community story. The talented lead actor, Tibian Wyles, is currently studing at the Aboriginal Contemporary Performing Arts College (ACAP) in Brisbane and we trusted the director, Lucas Thyer from Pixelframe to tell the story in an honest way. The location of Boggo Road Jail in Brisbane is a notorious prison with a brutal history and we acknowledge the many prisoners, and their families, with connections to the location.

The boys will be taking the show on the road over the next few months so be sure to check out their Facebook page for all the info and follow them on Instagram to see it all unfold.

-Vik J

Don’t Touch My iPod.

I’m a firm believer that the digital age has made the world a better place. Our loved ones get medical help when they’re sick, our far away friend’s almost seem like our neighbours, and it means that we can drown out the most annoying of conversations when last night’s double vodkas are threatening to catch up with your tonsils in between Redfern and Central.

For lovers of music, it means we can discover, share and interact like never before. The online world comes with so much new and inspiring music to dance to, road trip with and blog about, that it almost feels like almost anyone from anywhere can become the next big thing.

Speaking of dancing, I like to dance. I also like to throw parties. People that know me well know that I like to entertain. Having company instantly causes me to think about the music we will be listening to. Is this bunch the pop lovers, the punk rockers or the electro kids? I’m known to spend hours making playlists for parties which are designed to build and peak at the exact hour the house party kicks into the full speed (usually around 11.15pm in my experience).

This brings me to my issue. The digital age has meant good things for mankind, but what are we going to do about this: The idiot that thinks he can DJ your event better than you can?

Don’t touch my ipod. When it comes to parties, OBEY THE GOD DAMN RULES.

  1. Never skip a song. Don’t be rude, dude.
  2. Never put on your favourite 11 minute remix. 11 minutes of anything is usually too much - That’s why there’s a radio edit, idiot.
  3. Don’t put on your new favourite album from that new underground Swedish group, even if the band is ‘super fun’. People like dancing to music they know, and that’s just common sense.
  4. Barbara Streisand by Duck Sauce is not a good song. End of story

So don’t be touching my iPod son, or there will be trouble…….

- Vik J