Why Can’t We Be Friends?

What’s up with all these music biz beefs at the moment?!

Justin Bieber v The Black Keys v Jack White

Drake v JAY Z v Solange



Let’s be honest, Outkast’s Coachella set was proper LACK. LUSTER especially given all the hype surrounding it. Seriously though, the 3 piece dining set deserves more props (pardon the pun) than Big Boi & André, and yeah Chance The Rapper was cool but did we really need the Justin Bieber cameo?

So outside of the Knowles siblings workin’ it out to Losing You, if you ask us it was Chromeo who stole the show as they served up 46 minutes of full blown FUNK with a side of… well… FUNK.

And the best part of it all? Thanks to the video below we can relive it whenever we damn well like… which we’ll be doing all the way up until the duo’s new album White Women drops on May 9.


Oscar Key Sung - Make Me Weak Mix


Toward the of last year our favourite Australian Future R&B producer (and hot tip for next big Australian export) Oscar Key Sung dropped a mix on his soundcloud that he describes as “A collection of down tempo tracks I find inspiring, with a common theme of vocal processing whether it be in beddings, samples, vocoder autotune and pitch shifting.”

Some very forward thinking choices (see: VERACOM, FKA Twigs, Knxledge) mixed with some reworks of current pop hits by Usher, Miley & Bieber. There’s even a couple of Aussie jams in there from Banoffee & Major Napier. He goes on to say “This is not a ‘club mix’, it’s a ‘stay at home trying to be productive when you cant get lustful thoughts and pangs of missing someone out of your head’ mix, in a way where you kind of enjoy the pain.” We’ve all been there, brother.

1. Climax – Usher (oks edit)

2. Justin Bieber – PYD
3. FKA Twigs – Papi Pacify
4. VERACOM – Thugluv2
5. Drake – Come Thru (edit)
6. Laurie Anderson – O Superman (Oks edit)
7. Miley Cyrus – Wrecking ball (Namine Remix)
8. Banoffee – Reign Down
9. Aaliyah – Rock the boat
10. Knxledge – Loavhorts
11. Tirzah- slow jam
12. Oneohtrix point never – Zebra
12. Major Napier- Please stay
13. Swv - Weak (oks edit)


Flume: From The Bedroom To The Stadium

via The Creators Project

Aussie electro beat maker Flume (aka Harley Streten) has been garnering quite a bit of attention with his undeniably contagious tracks. At just 21 years old, Flume has been called an electronica/indie genius, taking on music venues around the world.

But don’t let his age faze you. His self-titled debut album was described by Rolling Stone as “scarily close to perfect” and went platinum in less than five weeks after its release. Did we mention his album also sold more copies than One Direction or Justin Bieber in Australia? That’s brush-the-dirt-off-your-shoulder worthy.

His unconventional approach to mixing involves taking elements from mismatched genres, from hip hop to straight up pop—Streten is open to it all. We managed to pin him down to answer some of our questions about his beat-making process, influences, dream collaborations, and to see what all the hype was about. Starting with moving his studio out of his childhood bedroom, the hungry producer isn’t slowing down. 

Let’s start from the beginning. When did it all begin?
Probably when my next-door-neighbor’s older brother would play a whole bunch of trance music. I’d go over there when I was nine or so and I’d hear all this music that he was playing, which I guess I hadn’t been exposed to. I’d hear this crazy trance music and I totally got into it. I started bringing CDs over for him to burn new music onto every week.

Do you remember the first record you ever bought?
Well, the first record I ever bought was Aqua featuring some of the singles [like] “Barbie Girl”, “Doctor Jones"… a few other ones there (laughs). That was the first I ever bought with my own money. I’ve listened to Moby for a long, long time—since I was very young to quite older. Also, one of the first records I was ever given was Deep Forest, which is a pretty wild kind of record. It’s world music, so a lot of African scene and stuff like that.

Word on the street is that you got your first taste for mixing from a toy you found in a cereal box at the age of 11. Can you tell us a little bit more about that?
Yes, the cereal box thing is true. It was like a little gimmicky music program that the cereal had in it—Nutri-Grain to be exact. It was one of those free giveaways. I was pretty young at the time and I thought it sounded pretty cool, so I got my dad to get the cereal for me. I took it home and installed it. And I thought it was really cool—the whole concept of how there was the drums on one track, the synth on another, and the bass on another. And if you joined them all together, it would make a full song. I’d never thought of music being laid like that. When I saw how it worked, I became really interested and started poking around.

Growing up, you played the saxophone. When did you make the transition into electronic music?
I played the saxophone throughout school, but I had always been into electronic music. I guess the reason I didn’t continue playing it is because I can’t really play the music that I’m into on it, you know? But I’m thinking about trying to incorporate more in the future with the new music. I’d like to add that kind of live element on stage if I could. I think it’d be pretty cool.

Do you think your music has evolved since you began producing?
Totally. When I first started writing music, I was writing heaps of 140 beats per minute, like euro trance. Really cheesy. And then, it developed into writing a huge range of genres, be it pop music, crazy orchestral pieces with no drums, really experimental stuff, R&B, indie, disco—literally everything. The thing is I like all kinds of music. I think that gave me the flexibility as a producer to understand how all these genres work. And therefore, I could take the best elements of each genre and put [it] into one.

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A 28 Year Old Belieber

Definition of ‘Belieber’ according to Wiktionary: A fan or supporter of Justin Bieber (pop singer, born 1994); a Justin Bieber fanatic.

After umming and arring over a crappy airplane dinner one year ago I made the decision that would ultimately alter my opinion completely on a little guy that I thought was a bit of a joke and not holding back here, was high on the ‘celebs I’d like to slap list’ and the brunt of many jokes between friends.

This particular day is still as clear as day in my mind. What else do you do on a 13 hour flight to LA before the need to pop a Valium and a muscle relaxant and pass out? A movie is probably your best option right? And what happened to be available for viewing on the inflight entertainment system? JUSTIN BIEBERS film length doco ‘Never Say Never' “nawwww the little Biebs” … see how I think that now? I sure as hell didn’t at the time! After some coaxing from a friend who had started watching it and was surprisingly impressed I did the deed and began the Bieber voyage.

After two hours of some mixed emotions; surprised, enthralled, awkward at times and a few tears it was actually an eye opener and made me realise this kid is pretty damn talented, professional and has always wanted and worked hard for what is now the Bieber phenomenon. The consequence of this viewing resulted in many hours of random YouTube searches of the Biebs surprising his fans (because it’s bloody hilarious … Case in point) & discovered he counts Jimmy Fallon and Ellen as good friends ANNND appeared on Saturday Night Live skits (they’re all classified as ‘cool’ right? … the kid is a crack up!) As well as a 60 dollar tee purchase from the states which took 3 long months to arrive but was well worth it. And then the Pièce de résistance! Having the opportunity to see this little legend at his Sydney secret show recently … On wait for it … The same day exactly 1 year ago that a new Belieber was born, WEIRD I know but I think it was just meant to be…

Call me a loser, tell me I have shit taste in music, tell me I’m a creep because you think I want to bonk Bieber (totally not true btw … just want to pinch his little cheeks) but I’m just a fan like I’m a fan of indie bands, rock bands, R’n’B artists (that are seen to be ‘cool’ by the ‘cool’ peeps) … Why is it such a taboo to be a Belieber …?

The kid is growing up … his new material has him going down the ‘Justin Timberlake’ path, who after a less than ideal start (Hello NSYNC!) obviously now seen as a major player in the music industry and people are gagging for him to quit the movies and release a new album (myself included), girls want to shag him and guys want to be him … my prediction is that Biebs will follow in the footsteps of the ol’ Juzzy T and in time it won’t be seen as ‘uncool’ to be a fan. For this reason, instead of hiding my appreciation for Biebs I will continue my drunken Bieber rants when people put shit on me for liking decent pop music and hopefully one day I can say ‘I TOLD YOU SO’.

In saying that, I truly do encourage any music fan to watch this doco …I guarantee you will enjoy it and if not a Belieber by the end … You will at least be crossing this guy off your own ‘celebs I’d like to slap list’ … Now I will just take myself back to the bar and have another drink… I’m obviously heading off on one of my drunken Bieber lover rants …

-Erin M

Who’s Bad?

Today the 26th of June sees the 3 year anniversary of the death of the King of Pop, 25 years since the release of ‘ Bad’ and 23 years since I received a ‘limited edition bath towel with full length, soul glowing, side profile spectacular! ‘Bad’ cover shot in linen for my 8th birthday.

Walking around the changing rooms at junior school I was filled with immense pride. It was great for a rub down and a security blanket and statement of intent , visually saying to any passing bullies ready to go for the towel whip that, “I’m Giving You On Count Of Three, To Show Your Stuff, Or Let It Be… I’m Telling You, Just Watch Your Mouth, I Know Your Game, What You’re About.

I’d often imagine dealing with the scenarios above like the kids in the video below -

The towel vanished after the summer of 89 which I originally thought was a snatch and grab by Henry Jones (Sorry for calling you a thief and a poo face and I was the one who ripped your Bobby Brown poster). The loss was probably a good thing as if I had kept it through secondary school, I may not be here writing to you now! It was only recently discovered again by my mum in the back of the ironing cupboard, and when I was informed of a possible reunion, I experienced a mix of contempt and nostalgia and very recently when a rare MJ B-side called Don’t Be Messing Around was unearthed I felt exactly the same.

But pondering this on the day of his death, I will pin my colours to the proverbial mast, and hang my towel to the changing room peg.

I could play my bullshit card and say I only ever listen to Pink Floyd and obscure Latvian punk nowadays because I’m so cool. Though honestly, In my eyes he’s still the King, the first single I bought was Leave Me Alone, first album was Bad , I cried when there were no copies left of Moonwalker to rent at the video shop and after watching it I bought the computer game, I still listen to Dangerous on a regular basis, especially Who Is It? I still listen to Bad and Speed Demon is still one of the funkiest bass lines I have ever heard, I know the Black and White rap and wish I’d gone to Neverland!… His name seems to be a dirty word, and when was the last time you heard someone meet up with you and say ‘I’ve been listening to the Bad album this morning!’ or cranking out Just Good Friends in the car!, it only seems acceptable to enjoy Billie Jean when drunk at weddings and parties! He may not be considered ‘cool’ anymore but the man has epic hit after epic hit and next time my iPod shuffles onto a obscure track, I’ll immediately turn it up not down!!

Look… One day he may be replaced by a new King of Pop but Usher, Beiber, Timberlake?… I wouldn’t even use them as face cloths!!

-Kye B

Marina – and her Diamonds are prepping to drop a new album pretty soon. She has spoken a lot about how her new album explores different themes of American culture – and has even dyed her hair blonde to get into the part of classic American iconography. So, when thinking about the things that define America, what better song to cover than… the new one from Justin Bieber.
And that’s why I love Marina – she’s never afraid to take sly wink and a nod at pop music, knowing full well that she herself firmly falls in the same category. I’m still not sure if it is a homage to Americanism… or a giant fuck off to it. Either way, she has made me beliebe.

Marina – and her Diamonds are prepping to drop a new album pretty soon. She has spoken a lot about how her new album explores different themes of American culture – and has even dyed her hair blonde to get into the part of classic American iconography. So, when thinking about the things that define America, what better song to cover than… the new one from Justin Bieber.

And that’s why I love Marina – she’s never afraid to take sly wink and a nod at pop music, knowing full well that she herself firmly falls in the same category. I’m still not sure if it is a homage to Americanism… or a giant fuck off to it. Either way, she has made me beliebe.