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So we herd you might be in need of some new music?

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We keep our Choice Cuts playlist on Spotify up to date with all the freshest and tastiest tracks so it’s better than the udders.

It’s guaranteed to make you moooove and put you in a good mooood… OK, we’ve milked enough puns out of this one.

Just follow it HERE please.

There’s No Butts About It…


There’s no butts about it… We’ve only gone and put together the best booty playlist of ALL-TIME*

Inspired by Nicki Minaj’s latest (t)werk and featuring crackin’ tracks from the likes of Sir Mix-a-lot, Diplo, Destiny’s Child, Mos Def, Jason Derulo, Beastie Boys and plenty more.

We started from the bottom now we’re here -

*we’re aware of the fact that there’s a distinct lack of Major Lazer’s Bubble Butt but unfortunately it’s not on Spotify :’(

TGIF with Thelma Plum


Thank God for Fridays eh? and while we’re at it thank God for Thelma Plum. It’s fair to say we’re a little bit in love with the Brisbane Sydney Melbourne based singer-songwriter and her sophisticated, unmistakeably Australian style of indie pop.

Thelma recently released the Monsters EP that features the killer spaghetti western by way of the Bronx Jam, How Much Does Your Love Cost? Which is the best kind of ear worm.

We caught up with Miss Plum this week and asked if she’d hit us with her ‘TGIF and the weekend has landed’ jams, not only did she come through with a killer selection that you can stream below, she also gave us a little quip about each tune and why it made the cut. 

"Chamakay" - Blood Orange
Basically anything Blood Orange will work for a Friday but this is the song if you wanna get your boogie on.

"Too Young" - Phoenix
This song reminds me of bad Jack Black dance moves which happen to be quite similar to mine. 

"Homecoming" - The Teenagers
This is a bit of a naughty one.

"Teenage Crime" - Adrian Lux
My best friend and I used to sing and dance to this so much in our rooms. This was literally all we did all the time. Dance to this. In her room. 

"Roll up Your Sleeves" - Meg Mac
As soon as I get home from a busy day I throw this song on and dance around in my undies in front of the mirror like a big weirdo and remember that everything is gonna be alriiiiiiight. 

"Roses" - Outkast
I know every single lyric to this song, even the rap at the end. Hehe.

"The Suburbs" - Mr Little Jeans
I love Arcade Fire so much, but this version makes me wanna paint my face and dance around in a warehouse with glow sticks around my neck.

"Australia Street" - Sticky Fingers
I used to live just off Australia Street in Newtown and all of my favourite places in Newtown are mentioned in this song which makes me happy and ready to get wild. 

"Crave You" - Flight Facilities

"Ignition (Remix)" - R.Kelly
Put this song on at a party and everyone will want to know you. You da king of the party now.

Thelma Plum’s Monsters EP is out now and can be grabbed where all good records are sold/streamed.

TGIF with Kim Churchill


Up until now our TGIF series has predominantly focused on party JAMS, handpicked by the likes of Little Dragon, Royal Blood & Dune Rats that have all done their bit in helping kick start our weekends BUT every now and then a more chilled 2 day break is what the doctor ordered.

Cue Kim Churchill (You probably know him from hearing the killer Window To The Sky every 15 minutes on your radio) and his selection of tracks that are the perfect prescription for when you’re leaving your dancing shoes & sequined suit in the wardrobe. Featuring tunes from Coldplay, Nick Drake, Chet Faker, Passenger, Neil Young, Alt-j, Bon Iver, James Blake & more you’re definitely not going to have the neighbours calling the cops on this one.

Hit play on the playlist below and read on for a little breakdown as to why each track earned its spot.

Passenger - Let Her Go

Kind of jumping on a very full band wagon, but I think this song is timeless. One of the best examples of a songwriter getting stronger and stronger and more and more moving. 

Chet Faker - Love and Feeling

His sound is wonderful. I love the electronic feel whilst still maintaining a real dedication to the art of song writing. He’s got a wonderful way of singing too. 

Alt J - Taro

One of my favourite albums. It’s the lyrics in this that really get me. The vocalist really found a new place to explore in his style and in this day and age that’s tough. 

Bob Dylan - Pretty Saro

Only just released last year after over 40 years gathering dust. Some of his most mystifying work can be found on this album and this performance is just incredible. 

Daft Punk feat. Paul Williams - Touch

What a collaboration! I love this album and I think the way Paul Williams sings is immediately classic! I love the more experimental side of Daft Punk too. I’m a sucker for a good sound scape. 

Future Island - Seasons (Waiting On You) 

Just his voice! Also, so many damn good one liners.

Pink Floyd – Astro Domine (Live) 

Some of their best song writing and I love Syd Barrett’s input. This live version comes from a more polished era of Floyd and I’m a fan of the added production and performance quality to what is already one of their best songs. 

Ben Howard - Keep Your Head Up 

Just a good helpful song to remind me which way to look in life. 

Nick Drake - Road

One of my favourite guitarists and songwriters ever. I find a lot of people never get this guy, sometimes I feel it’s a fragile and narrow path to understanding his genius. If it is this way, this song is the safest route.

Neil Young - A Man Needs a Maid

I love the orchestral stuff in this and I’ve been very inspired by Neil Young’s melodic ideas. This is one of my favourites - ever. 

Bon Iver - Flume

The track that lead me into a real obsession for a long time. One of the best songwriters of our era and I also love his style of production. I think he took music to a new place. What more could an artist hope to do? 

Led Zeppelin - The Lemon Song

The godfathers of metal and the cool new kids of blues. My favourite guitarists ever and quite possibly my favourite band ever. 

Coldplay - Shiver

I got this album very early on from my cousins in England. Yeah, they have gone to a lot of places since here (and I admit I like them all), but this was a real pop masterpiece. I love how raw his vocal performances were on this album. So much emotion in them. 

Tracy Chapman - Give Me One Reason

I listened to this song every morning when I was a teenager washing dishes in a cafe. Tracy Chapman became one of my favourite artists and, as this is the doorway, I figured it was the one of hers to share. 

Pearl Jam - Once

Way to shake the world apart. I think more than anything it’s Eddie’s vocal performances on this first album that make it so timeless. My favourite Pearl Jam album by far. 

The Beautiful Girls - Learn Yourself 

Helped guide me through adolescence. Matt McHugh’s lyrics in those days were a god send. Stopped me being an angry little teen and helped me realise life was a bit less serious and a bit more kind.

Tom Waits - Hell Broke Luce

Well… I’ve just never heard anything like this. I had to include Tom Waits. I’ve spent too many hours ogling over everything he does to miss him. The whole Bad As Me album was brilliant, especially for an artist so far into his career. 

James Blake - The Wilhelm Scream 

I feel JB changed things immediately with this album. Electronic music needed a good kick of something - and it didn’t necessarily have to be a huge dance track. 

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros - Better Days

Live, they are phenomenal. Keep the jug band spirit alive I reckon. My favourite contemporary hippy. 

Kim’s … Silence / Win … is available now where all good records are sold/streamed and if Vance Joy & Matt Corby are your bag we highly recommend giving it a go.

TGIF with Dune Rats

No one looks forward to the weekend more than party brat punks Dune Rats… actually… let’s be honest, the way these guys party it probably doesn’t matter what day of the week it is in order for them to get loose and cause a ruckus..

To celebrate the release their brand spankin’ new self titled album which dropped on June 1 we caught up with everyone’s favourite self-proclaimed hyperactive stoner c**ts and asked them to tell us what goes on the stereo when they party… and Jesus Christ, they can party.

1. Eminem > Guilty Conscience
I remember listening to this song when I was on the bus in primary school burning holes in the back of bus seats with a lighter thinking I was cool. Turns out I was just a shit dick

2. Violent Soho > My Generation
This was one of the first Violent Soho songs I heard a few years back, we ended up meeting the legends touring with them and becoming mates. They’re fucking top blokes, best ever.

3. Babyshambles > Fuck Forever
This was on high rotation on the iPod a few years back to the point where I can’t really listen to the song that much anymore but I played it a million times

4. Cloud Nothings > Cut You
I saw these guys at Laneway a couple of years ago because I knew they were playing with Violent Soho, I was on pingers and lost my shit. That was just after a bong video clip came out and a bunch of cunts were coming up to us on the heckle train. Classic

5. Fleetwood Mac > Dreams
Every time we use to get off talking in the car we’d chuck this sucker on, it’s a keeper.

6. Oasis > Supersonic
This sucker was on REPEAT for a solid 6 months of touring last year or the year before, it’s epic as shit

7. Kendrick Lamar > Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe
When we first toured USA with Guttermouth we would tune into the ganster radio station i think 105.9 and this song would come on literally every 3 - 6 songs. We didn’t know who it was at the time but it became a song of the tour driving around in a pimped car with blacked out windows. We drove through Compton from the airport and this was on. 

8. Nirvana > In Bloom
We’d try play this song when we’re fucking around writing the album. Bad boy drums in it

9. 360 > Hammer Head
This song is Brett’s guilty pleasure. He loves dubstep heaps so this one went down a treat.

Dune Rats debut LP is available all over the place now (Physically | Digitally | Streamablly)

TGIF with Royal Blood

UK duo Royal Blood’s stock has been on the rise ever since they exploded onto the scene late last year when they supported Arctic Monkeys on their UK tour dates.

The band have just touched down in Australia for a couple of sold out shows, which is sure to have a whole lot of people that missed out on tix with a heavy case of the FMLs.

Prepare yourself to hear about it too as from all reports these guys are LEGIT live, the kind of band that will have you looking behind the curtain and under the stage for the extra members as they pack a serious punch for two dudes from Brighton.

We caught up with the guys recently and asked them to take part in our TGIF series where they gave us a list of their go to jams complete with a few guilty pleasures (Celine Dion anyone?) and general party starting business from the likes of Jay Z, Arctic Monkeys, Outkast, Daft Punk, Michael Jackson and The Red Hot Chili Peppers which you can stream below.


Royal Blood’s Out Of The Black EP is out now through Warner Music and available where all good music is sold, both online (Physically | Digitally) and in the real world. We strongly recommend tracking down the vinyl EP for the best listening experience though.

Hardcore Hippies

Our buddies over at Maniacs recently caught up with Byron Bay metal band In Hearts Wake ahead of their tour with Dream On Dreamer, Being As An Ocean & Endless Heights and found out what goes on the stereo backstage at their shows.

There are definitely more than a few surprises in amongst the list, that features tunes from artists such as, Neil Young, America, Nick Cave, London Grammar & even Drake.

Gearing up for a tour and making playlists isn’t all these guys are up to though. Not only have the band just released a new album called Earthwalker, they’re working alongside Carbon Neutral on an environmental initiative where one bio-diverse native tree will be planted for every album that was pre-ordered ‘in the hope of restoring and preserving the natural beauty of our environment’.

Hardcore hippies indeed!

Have a listen to their Backstage Playlist below and make sure you get down to one of their shows on their upcoming tour.

TGIF with Ziggy Marley


To celebrate the release of Ziggy Marley’s new album Fly Rasta we caught up with the man himself and asked him to take part in our brand spankin’ new TGIF series wherein we ask artists to tell us what goes on the stereo when Friday rolls around and then turn it into a handy Spotify playlist as per below for you all to enjoy.

Boogie On!

Ziggy’s Fly Rasta is out now and available where all good records are sold, both online (Physically | Digitally) and in the real world.


Spotify…Shagadelic Or The Death Star?

Well one thing that is true, like any great film Spotify has got everyone talking. Will it be a timeless classic or just a movie of the moment? This is not a niche launch in terms of the critics, Spotify is fashionable to have an opinion on and those opinions are diverse and certainly interesting and ongoing!

The dynamic and well informed opinions are a great script for how complex the music industry can be and also how passionate the people who are part of the industry are anout creativity and great music and how we can continue to make this possible.

There have been sequels already and the debate and discussion continues as Spotify launches in new territories and artists leave the theatre or arrival, in terms PR spikes and social media conversations Spotify is never less than four stars.

When Thom Yorke’s Atoms for Peace removed their albums from Spotify, the debate spiked again, particularly raging over the value of streaming music services for musicians and the music industry. Not a new debate, but such an emotional debate it will continue, in my opinion, until artists (individually) can see that streaming works for them.

The greatest aspect of debates are that you may learn (should learn something) new from your opponents. In respect of this we have brought together some of the powerful, emotional opinions with the links to the original blogs/posts…yeah baby!

Join the debate…..

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The good people over at The Guardian have come up with an alphabetical guide to modern day pop, From Afrobeats to Zombie Rock and everywhere in between, It’s a comprehensive list of genres, some of which you’ll know and others that sound like they were made up 5 minutes ago.
You can head on over to the Guardian site for the full A-Z breakdown
and just in case you thought these were made up, they’ve even gone and created an accompanying A-Z Spotify playlist which gives you an audio taste of 25 of the 26 genres (Tumblrwave is just too damn new apparently) Check it out below.

The good people over at The Guardian have come up with an alphabetical guide to modern day pop, From Afrobeats to Zombie Rock and everywhere in between, It’s a comprehensive list of genres, some of which you’ll know and others that sound like they were made up 5 minutes ago.

You can head on over to the Guardian site for the full A-Z breakdown

and just in case you thought these were made up, they’ve even gone and created an accompanying A-Z Spotify playlist which gives you an audio taste of 25 of the 26 genres (Tumblrwave is just too damn new apparently) Check it out below.